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Story of Shani Dev and King Harish chandra

Navagraha Puja In Hindi – Story of Shani Dev and King Harish Chandra

According to the story of an ancient religious book, Shanidev did not spare even to King Harish Chandra from his fatal affects. Though Harish Chandra was a king of his own progeny. King Harish Chandra had sold out himself and his wife to Maharishi Vishvamitra in order to pay him off the honorarium. Shanidev (in the grab of a snake cobra) had bitten his son, Rohit. During the SadheSatti period of the transiting Shani in three signs, i.e. before, over and after the moon sign.

When transiting Shani passes over these three signs, it is called the SadheSatti period. In his SadheSatti period King Harish Chandra was surrounded by the troubles from all sides. He had no escape. Shanidev spares no one. At the last phase of his Sadhesatti, Navagraha Puja In Hindi when his wife brought her son’s dead body for cremation and King Harish Chandra forced upon his wife to pay off the tax (death tax) in the form of her sari, the only cloth over her body. At that moment Maharishi Vishvamitra and Shanidev appeared before him and stopped her from doing so. He was much pleased with him for his dutifulness and he returned him all his kingdom and made his son alive. When King Harish Chandra came to know that Shanidev was a causing factor behind all his troubles, he cursed Shanidev by these words, “Those performing good deeds, won’t be affected by his fatal powers.”